Friday, 25 June 2010

Cameron House. Our accomadation

When we got to Cameron House we were upgraded to a luxury lodge, it didn't look like much from the outside but when we got inside wow it was fabulous. there was even a sauna in one of the 3 bathrooms and whirlpools baths.Talk about being spoilt, we didn't want to go out. Then on Wednesday night we got a phone call to say that we had to vacate the lodge as the owner wanted to come into it a day early, oh what a shame, but we were told that they would put us a suite in the Hotel, so we had to pack up our stuff on weds night and then on Thursday move over to the hotel. But wow Our Suite was absolutely gorgeous. talk about being spoilt rotten we could quite easily get used to this.
We had a great time and didn't want leave but the fairytale trip had to end sometime, shame, might have to find my self a millionaire.only joking,  We met some lovely people and the scottish are so very friendly just loved them all. and last but not least thanks to my super Hubby for taking me on a wonderful few days away.
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  1. wow Carol that looks amazing, not too far from me but I've never had the privelage of a stay over lol
    Anne x

  2. OMG Carol how fabulous! So glad you had a wonderful time.

    Love Lynda xxx

  3. So pleased you had a lovely time Carol :) I wish you and hubs many more happy years

    Carol xxx

  4. wow your millionaire lifestyle...are you sure you haven't won the lottery....big hugs kath xxx


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