Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Walking update.

No card to post today but hoping to do some challenges later, got a few project's ongoing, a calendar and a recipe book, but not finished yet.
Thought I would let you know how the walking on Monday went. Me and my friend Sally went to Wendover Woods which is a few miles from home and did a circular walk which was 2 miles, it was a lovely walk and not too far, a few little hills just enough to get us a little puffed. It was so quite there with the breeze whistling through the trees, and some great views over the Vale Of Aylesbury. Then back to the cafe, for a coffee and back home in time for lunch.
We are going again next week, we enjoyed it so much and it made me feel good, who know might just lose that last Stone, that I am struggling with.

Hugs Carol x

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