Friday, 9 April 2010

I'm still here.

Just to let you know that I am still here,but I have been stalking your blogs, just not done any crafting lately, I have been having a major clear out, Old Books, Old clothes , and lots more, it not very often i'm in the mood for decluttering so better not stop, lots more to do.
The thing is that nearly everything that come's into the house has probably cost money, and then it gets thrown out, well actually the good stuff goes to charity, only the things that are total rubbish gets thrown and then i try to reclyle whenever possible.

Anyway hubby Brian is now on his way to Devon for a golfing break until sunday evening so peace and quiet, watching what i like on the tele, no footie, no golf and no darts or anything else that is sport related. I am looking after Grace today, and I have a friend coming over for dinner tonight so lots of lovely girlie chats. if I haven't lost my Mojo or thrown it out with the rubbish, hope to do some crafting this weekend.

Hugs Carol xx

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  1. Snap! I'm having a clearout too Carol - just waiting for my new craft storage to be delivered so I've been sorting through the old stuff and throwing all the rubbish away. You've got to be brutal sometimes lol. Have a great weekend and enjoy your girlie evening!

    Love Lynda xxx


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