Saturday, 10 December 2011

12 tags of Christmas Tag 9

Tag 9, I can't believe I'm actually doing all these tags, I usually neglect my blog in December. all my Christmas cards are done and dusted and in the Post.

Tag 9 was another challenge, but loved the embossing, didn't have the correct dies thin I might have to buy the foliage tag. so I  used the bird from the Caged Bird die and made him into a Robin redbreast. Every year we have the same robin visit our garden and then later in the year they nest. How do I know he is the sme one you might ask, well he has a little white mark on his breast. I try to take a photo but I think he is camera shy.
Now must go, Me and some of the other crafty Chicks are hosting a stall at the Watermead Village Hall. today, so if you around in the area come along and say hello.

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