Wednesday, 8 December 2010

WOYWW-- Not A Lot

As you can see there is nothing on my desk this week, no projects at all, Birthday cards are made, Christmas cards all made too.

Even the floor is clean. To be truthful even my Mojo has been cleared out too.
If you are a bit of a nosey parker like me then hope on over to Julia's Blog, maybe there will be lots more interesting workspaces than mine.

But at least I can now concentrate on Christmas preparations, mainly food menus, with so many fussy eaters around at Christmas, everything I think of has something in it that someone doesn't like, also my DIL is veggie. I have this dilemma every year and it nearly always turns out OK. My hubby Brian is the fussiest of all, and I deal with his eating habits every day, so you would think I would be used to it after 40yrs, why can't everyone be like me, I love all food, but then that is maybe why I struggle with my weight so much, talking about weight I'm off to WW soon, haven't been for the last 2 weeks so not holding out too much hope of reaching my goal this week either, it will be a miracle if I get there before Christmas.


  1. I haven't finished my cards yet, I'm sooo behind, I would say some thing about your lovely crafty space but blogger isn't loading the I'll pop back later! Have a Happy WOYWW!

  2. No I can't see pics either - blogger must be playing up again!

  3. (Just popped back....can see pictures now!)oh my a Very tidy!! and even the floor!! Don't think I would dare take a pic of my floor! Love the containers under your window!!

  4. Lovely tidy room this week, must be a great feeling to have all those things done and dusted. Hope you get the menus and food sorted out soon and good luck at WW too, Christmas isn't an easy time is it!!

    Brenda 83

  5. You look very organised and lovely and tidy - I have to say I'm happy it's just what's on your work desk - not what's on your floor, shelve, falling out of cupboards etc!!!

  6. crikey tidy desk....big hugs kath xxx

  7. Wow, look who's Little Miss Tidy!
    One cannot fail to be impressed!
    Chrissie #7

  8. Okay...just know that your mojo will flow after the New Year. I'm sure of it! The best way to start is with a clean desk, so you're right on track. Good for you to focus on creating food (I'm w/you...all food, any food) but vegan stuff is cool too. I think you are way ahead of the game!

  9. Wow, can't wait to see the desk when your mojo returns! It's a gorgeous worksapce.

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  10. Gosh what a beautiful tidy craft room .Youve finished all your christmas makes too!oh wish i had.Have fun day
    hugs judex###############6

  11. Woo - that's immaculate! And you're all done with cards. That's really impressive. Hope the mojo returns soon, particularly now you can make anything you want.

    Bernie #81

  12. I think your mojo is just turning its attention to other stuff - your space looks great and blissfully tidy and leave-able.


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