Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Birthday Card.

It was my Birthday on Sunday and thank you to everyone who sent me good wishes, I received this beautiful card from Kath, I have admired Kath card's for a long time every since I first started blogging and was so thrilled when I held one of her creations in my hands, It is certainly outstanding. I love it. Kath's so card are unique.

I had a very busy weekend, my son and his family came to stay for the weekend, and when they went home I felt shattered. I am so not used to having a full house anymore, though it is wonderful to have everyone here. I don't know how people with big family's manage, there only eight of us when we all get together.
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  1. hope you had a wonderful day and I know what you's lovely when folks come to stay but it's wonderful when they go home again....hugs kath xxxxx


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