Friday, 19 June 2009

39 years and a posh hotel.

Well it will be 39yrs tomorrow. It is our wedding anniversay,how did we get here so quickly, it seems like only yesterday that I fell in love, and I know it sounds soppy, but it was love at first sight.
Anyway we are off for a weekend in a posh hotel in Chester, for a bit of rest and relaxation, actually our son Stephen lives in North Wales so we are to see him too, and with it being fathers day Sunday it will be nice to see him and his wife and our Grandson and spend the day together, and don't forget the shopping. Well maybe we should scrap the rest and relaxation bit.

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  1. Carol I hope you had a fab weekend and WOW, 39th wedding anniversary - ours felt a long time and that was only 20 years ! ! ! Sounds a busy weekend so not sure when you got any relaxing in !

    Take care,



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