Monday, 1 December 2008

It's December Already!

Where has the year gone, it seems that the older you get the quicker it goes

We put up the decorations yesterday as we are busy next weekend, we are having visiter's my nephew and his girlfriend from Holland are coming on the 6th for a few days.

It rained all day yesterday but today it is sunny, so I can put the little lights on the two bushes at my front door.

December is also both my kids birthday not kids really.. as Stephen will be 38 on the 12th and Nicola 34 on the 20th. Cards already made and prezzies bought and wrapped. just as well I make the cards myself now as the shops are full of xmas cards it seems you're not allowed to have a Birthday in Dec, or Jan either.

I am making my Dec calendar page today, never did get around to doing Nov's too busy making xmas card. i will post it later today if the sun is still shining, it is so hard to get a good picture now adays with the dark days.

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