Sunday, 16 November 2008

Nec purchases

Had a great day at the show yesterday and here are my purchases I made, I could have bought more but ran out of time there is so much too see. The goody bag for £10 from Craftwork Cards was well worth the money with handbag cards and lots of papers and some of the Jelly tot things which are like brads without the legs.Can't wait to start playing. maybe this morning while hubby is playing Golf, should really be tackling the ever increasing pile of ironing, I'd rather be crafting, I know some people who don't do ironing, wish I was one, but how can you not iron, I also know some that love ironing, they even iron knickers, now they seriously need help.
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  1. Wow some great stash there...but you'll need lots of time to what I do...get hubby to do his own ironing....and are you having a laugh...folk who iron they have something sadly lacking in their lives me thinks


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